The Journey to the Manger

Advent at Wellspring

What if this Christmas could look differently in your home? What if the hope and peace God has for you to experience wasn’t determined by what you could “do” or even your circumstances, but instead of how you chose to simply place your focus on Jesus? The Hope of the World. The Prince of Peace.

This Christmas we want to invite you and your families to claim the peace of Jesus in your homes with a tradition called Advent. “Advent” means a coming or arrival. It’s a time where, for centuries, believers took the stance of waiting with a hopeful anticipation for the arrival of Christ. Waiting for the arrival of His birth and waiting again for His glorious return. Advent is a time where we focus in on the faithfulness of God to fulfill His promises, even as we wait. Observed during the 4 weeks before Christmas, Advent walks us through 4 themes: Hope, Love, Joy and Peace.

Family Resources

Celebrate Advent with our “Advent Devotional” Cards! Each day from November 27th-December 24th includes a Scripture to read, a short devotional and connection questions for you and your family to go through together! Follow along with our “Family Advent Calendar” you can place on your fridge and do a daily Advent activity to show Christ’s love to those around you!

Advent Videos

Go a little deeper each week with these themed videos around Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace.

Advent Week 1: Hope

Advent Week 2: Love

Advent Week 3: Joy

Advent Week 4: Peace