Christmas Eve


End the year remembering what matters most!

Communion is a symbolic way that we remember and celebrate what Jesus did for us in giving his life so that we can enter into a relationship with Him, free from the bondage of sin. In His final dinner with his disciples before dying on the Cross, Jesus took bread and wine and led his disciples in Communion initiating a new covenant. As you gather your family, allow this to be a time where you pause, focus in on Jesus and celebrate together what He has done for you by giving His life.

  1. Hand out the elements
  2. Read the paragraph above
  3. Read Luke 22:19-20
  4. Pause for personal reflection & take elements
  5. End with a prayer thanking God for what He has done
  6. End with a worship song if you would like!

Wellspring Kids

The Greatest Gift of Christmas is Jesus!

This Christmas be a candy cane shepherd and share the good news of the gospel that the greatest gift of all is Jesus.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!