Wellspring Students

This is a short paragraph about the team or welcoming someone to the team, it could go either way. Not a ton of content, just enough to get them engaged in what’s to come!


Time commitment: Sunday Services starting 30 minutes before service starts until 10 minutes after service ends. Training Meetings as scheduled by the Next Steps Department

Outdoor Greeting

Standing at the door making people feel noticed with a smile and ready to assist a church family in any way.

Indoor lobby greeting

Making people feel noticed with a smile and ready to assist a church family in any way and helping them get connected if they are new.

Auditorium door greeting

anding out notes and informational cards to guests with a smile and be willing and ready to assist with helping guests find a seat.


Pass and collect offering buckets in your assigned station at the beginning of service when directed by the “MC” leading the service offering proceeding giving prayer.

Guest Services Table/Desk

Standing at the desk ready to answer questions, collecting “Let’s Connect” cards, and providing first time guests with “Welcome book” and gift. 

Prayer Partners

In groups of two, prayer partners will gather in-front of the alter and pray for church attendees as they come forward. Don’t forget, Grab a MINT!

Service Coordinator:

Assist in leading the guest services team. Coordinator conducts a service huddle with team in which they will cast vision, communicate information, and pray for the volunteers at the beginning of the service.