Tech Team

The Production Team’s role is to fuel weekend services at Wellspring through media. We are the behind-the-scenes team powering all of the audio, lights, and visuals that help people experience the presence and Word of God during a Service without any distractions. If you’re interested in using technology to help others encounter God, we would love to have you join the team.

Tech Team Positions

Time commitment: 7:20 am – 12:30pm, 1-2 Sundays per month.

FOH Audio Engineer

Our front of house audio engineers are responsible for mixing the sound in the auditorium during weekend services 

Broadcast Audio Engineer

Our broadcast audio engineers are responsible for mixing the sound for our online congregation during weekend services.


Our producers are responsible for keeping our weekend services flowing by directing the team to hit our cues and keeping things running smoothly.

CG Operator

Our CG operators are in charge of our on-screen lyrics and graphics, making sure the right thing is always on screen at the right time throughout the service.

Lighting Operator

Our lighting operators control the lighting within the auditorium to help create a consistent and distraction-free worship experience.

Video Director

Our video directors lead our camera operators to get the perfect shot for our online services and to display in the auditorium.

Camera Operator

Our camera operators work with the video director to make sure the shots we show online and in-service are engaging, immserive, and in focus.

Stage Manager

Our stage managers are responsible for ensuring that everything happening on-stage happens when it needs to, making sure all sermon props are out and available when they’re needed.